Watchdog Remote Support

watchdog remote support

An Operations Manager’s Best Friend

When met with new challenges, Best Packaging learned to work smarter. The same PLC troubleshooting and programming services that have been a lifeline to our past customers are now available anywhere with an internet connection. Best Packaging is proud to introduce WATCHDOG remote support, a groundbreaking service that delivers with the quick turnaround and minimal contact today’s work environment demands.

By installing a DOGHOUSE module in your facility, our programmers can…

  • Monitor and edit PLC programs
  • Download and install new programs
  • Remotely troubleshoot PLC failure and communication errors with greater accuracy

Best of all, one DOGHOUSE module is capable of connecting to over 200 machines per location.

WATCHDOG is more than a crisis response tool. With customized reporting, you’ll have greater visibility into machine performance, providing you with the metrics to identify trends and improve overall equipment efficiency.

Learn more about our experience with PLC programming, or let us know if you’re ready for a WATCHDOG consultation.


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