Top Five Warning Signs Your Machine Needs a Maintenance Plan

Proper maintenance of your machines can help catch some common issues, extend the life of your machines, and prevent unexpected costly breakdowns. Warranties do play a role in making sure your equipment is adequate for operation, however, most warranties aren’t recognized unless your machines get service properly. Thus, it’s best to have both warranties and a maintenance plan.

If you are witnessing any one of these top four warning signs, your machine will require a maintenance plan.

  1. Increased Operator Intervention.  Most end-of-line packaging equipment is set up to run autonomously. If you notice that your operators are constantly fidgeting with the machine or interrupting production to realign products, that machine most likely isn’t set-up properly. Rather than have your operators make adjustments that could lead to greater issues, contact a professional to assess your line in order to improve the reliability and efficiency of your machines.
  2. Increase in material usage. If you (or your boss) have noticed an increase in the amount of stretch film, tape, or shrink wrap being used then there may be a problem. A properly operating machine will not only provide a savings by reducing down-time but will also save on cost of materials used. For example if your stretch wrapper has a deteriorating film carriage you can see an increase of up to 300% in film cost and usage.
  3. Grinding or screeching sounds when your machines are in use. This can indicate anything from a worn bearing to bad gear box. If you begin to hear any unfamiliar noises coming from your machines this is a clear indication that it is in need of service.
  4. Any warning lights flashing or broken/worn out parts. Some machines will give you an indication that there is a problem even though the machine continues to operate normally. If left untreated, these could create potential dangers in the future and should be addressed immediately.
  5. Constant down time. A well maintained machine should need only periodic service. If your machines are constantly having down time for repairs it may be time to have a professional packaging service technician assess the machine and recommend a solution to keep your machines running at their best.

Preventative Maintenance can help make your machines run smoother and more efficient. Our technicians can put together a maintenance plan that includes inspections, lubricating and replacing any worn out parts and more. These modifications permit machines to run at peak performance and deliver the value promised.

If you’re still unsure whether your machines are due for maintenance, give Best Packaging Inc. a call at (888) 930-BEST to speak with an experienced technician and discuss what’s best for you and your plant’s needs.

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