Are you experiencing problems with Static?

Have you ever experienced high amounts of static being dispersed on to your film?

We had a customer come to us asking if we could do anything about that static build-up on the pallets. Static is often generated as a result of surface separation between two rollers slipping over stretch film. To combat this issue, Best Packaging uses elastic dissipating cords to remove static.

The elastic cord removes static from the stretch wrapper by neutralizing the surface as it is unwound and applied to the bundle. The cord is thread through a mounted magnet hole, kept straight for tension, and tied a simple knot. As long as the cord is within ¾ of an inch of the film, it will lower the static charge.

If you ever run into any issues with your stretch wrap applications, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • I’m facing this currently in my filling / packing warehouse.. how does the elastic dissipating chords looks like and care to share its application?



      Hey Azam,
      Thanks for commenting on our blog! Unfortunately I can’t find a good photo of the elastic dissipating cords to share with you right now, but if you are experiencing problems with static on your fill & pack line, I would check out They are static wizards that offer a number of solutions that might work for you!

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