Refurbished Great Lakes TS 37 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

The Great Lakes TS37 side seal horizontal wrapper is ideal for multi-packs and irregular shaped products. It is capable of wrapping up to 80 packages per minute. The continuous motion eliminates the need for multiple forming heads with its adjustable film inverter. The TS37 film path ensures equal transfer of grouped products onto the film without skewing the product configuration. The pouch length is electronically adjustable, which allows for “on-the-fly” bag length changes without changing the flight spacing. This machine uses single wound film, rather than centerfold film. The TS37 has a unique side sealing mechanism that ensures strong, attractive trim seals using polyolefin, PVC, or polyethylene shrink film. It uses a hot knife seal and cut-off, with a temperature control that maintains accurate heat settling. An independently driven scrap removal system compacts excess film. The machine has a sliding film rack which makes roll loading easy and reduces film changeover time. The film rack requires no additional floor space since it is located beneath the film forming table.


  • Horizontal/vertical cross seal control box
  • 6′ flighted infeed with safety torque limiter
  • Pneumatic hole punch system
  • Electrically interlocking guards and control box doors
  • Continuous motion steelhead for smooth product transitions

Maximum Film Width:
39″ (991 mm) single wound

Maximum Package Dimensions (L x W x H):
∞ x 16″ x 6″ (∞ x 406 x 152 mm)

Overall machine dimensions (L x W x H):
165 7/8″ X 63 3/8″ X 60 11/16″ (4213 x 1609 x 1542 mm)

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