Refurbished Columbia LTS-PD

The Load Transfer Station with Pallet Dispenser (LTS-PD) is capable of transferring products that are packaged in cases, barrels, drums, bags and pails from one pallet to another including Plastic, Chep and GMA pallets in both receiving and shipping applications. The LTS-PD is made up of a standard LTS, pallet cart and side load pallet dispenser. The forklift driver loads a stack of pallets into the pallet dispenser. The pallet dispenser automatically places the “go to” pallet onto the pallet cart. Then the forklift driver places the load to be transferred onto the receiving deck and activates the unit by pulling the cord, allowing the cycle to complete in less than 60 seconds.


  • 4000 lb load capacity
  • 20 pallets maximum in pallet upstack
  • 24 VDC controls
  • 5 HP integral hydraulic power unit
  • emergency stops

Machine Dimensions

Full length: 242″ / 6146.8 mm
Width of pallet upstack: 76″ / 1930.4 mm
Width of transfer station: 60″ / 1524 mm

Shipping weight: 10,000 lbs / 4,536 kg

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