Service Success Story- Strapping Machine

We got a call for a strapper that secures pallets of cans. The customer’s production was slowed by 50% because they had to move pallets manually to bypass an inline strapper.  We arrived on site the same day we were called and began troubleshooting. The challenge was we were getting a feed error which usually means the feed module is bad. However, we couldn’t find anything wrong with the feed module. The support engineer at the factory was frustrated and told us were definitely missing something with the feed module.  As it turned out, the feed module worked fine, but the board supplying current to the feed module current was not supplying enough current. This issue wasn’t initially on the factory’s radar. This proved to be a tricky problem to resolve because the module motor was spinning, however it simply didn’t have enough speed or torque.  
What made this repair so great was that, although it did take a while, we were able to find the board problem. We repaired the board in house (lead time on a new board was a few weeks) and got Jose, the line supervisor, back up to 100% production. We arrived just in time as some of the employees were beginning to experience sore backs from pushing pallets around and managed to complete the job in less time than it would take to get a factory tech on site. If you have a machine problem that has you scratching your head, call us and you may be featured in our January 2017 issue! 
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