It's more than you think.

Introducing SPYDR Stretch Wrappers – a patented, multi-unit stretch wrapper system. This design is more than individual wrappers placed beside each other. With the touch of a button, two, three or four pallets can be wrapped simultaneously with these fully automatic rotary tower stretch wrappers. 

Our design inspiration for the SPYDR Stretch Wrapping system was brought about when Best Packaging was called for service by a new grocery distribution customer.  While the service call was made for a small mechanical problem, we discovered a much larger issue with an overcrowded dock, multiple hand wrappers and an inefficient packaging line.  The amount of money lost with their current system was staggering. By installing the SPYDR system, we reduced their inefficiencies and increased their bottom line and opened the door for us to offer this solution to other grocery or DC packaging line looking to streamline their processes.  

A few other SPYDR advantages that sets us apart from other solutions are:

  • Our patent-pending parking system that ensures accurate pallet placement
  • Optional infinitely variable pre-stretch and infinitely variable force to load
  • Optional clamps that tilt to avoid breakage at the end of load cycle
  • Optional heat bar that reliably cuts and will reduce machine downtime

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“While it may have been large investment up front, we noticed an ROI less than 18 months in areas we could directly measure.”

VP of Ops, major grocery chain

Smart Wrap Technology

By implementing a triple-wrapper into your distribution center, you’re able to wrap two or three loads simultaneously. Rotary towers are ideal for high speed wrapping of heavy, tall, or unstable loads. With a turntable wrapper, warehouse managers have to load it individually using a pallet jack, whereas with a floor mounted machine, you’re able to drive up to it and lay the on the ground. This eliminates the amount of time spent loading and unloading each individually pallet. The rotary wrapping arms on our SPYDR stretch wrap system are smartly controlled and can be started and stopped by one central cabinet location and start button; thereby, eliminating the need for an operator to oversee multiple cabinets. When using the SPYDR, the average user can expect to see a decrease in yearly labor costs of $50,000 per 300 pallets wrapped.  The savings does not account for further reductions the average user will see in load damage, loading and unloading efficiencies and film savings- just to name a few.  

Let us create a customized report for you to show the actual savings you can realize by using the SPYDR.
(U.S. Patent No. 9,676,507)

Pallet Parking System

For operators, it can be tricky and time consuming to park more than one pallet. SPYDR Stretch Wrappers are floor-mounted machines that allow operators to drive up to the machine and lay the pallet on the ground. Our patent pending pallet parking sensors ensure accurate placement by alerting the operator when the load is in position- a feature no other packaging company has been able to do. Investing in this parking system will save you time spent on arranging each individual pallet in the correct wrapping position.

Optional Features

Large/Tilting Clamp

25% of all film breaks occur because of defects in the film clamp. Upgrading to a larger clamp allows the machine to hold more film in the clamp and gives you the flexibility to use films of a variety of thicknesses to meet your needs. You won’t be limited to only using film that works with your clamps. Not only is it important to have a larger clamp to hold film, but what happens when the clamp had to go down to release film? Often times, the film is torn when the clamp goes down. As a result, Best Packaging has added a tilting clap feature with Teflon coated blades that tilt towards to load to avoid film breakage. Our tilting clamp is another component that guarantees up time and a professionally wrapped load. 

Infinitely Variable Stretch

In distribution centers with high speed/volume wrap applications, film breaks due to irregular “C” loads are costly interruptions to production. To address this issue, we added an optional variable pre-stretch system to the SPYDR Stretch Wrap System. The gears on the SPYDR can stretch at various levels for the top, middle, and bottom of your loads. The SPYDR system can change the pre-stretch from 300% to say 50% or even 0%.

To learn more, read our blog post on optimizing your stretch film.

Auto Force

The SPYDR features an optional system for monitoring and controlling the wrapping force when applying the stretch film.  This system lets you set a force and the SPYDR will provide it consistently.  If the load size changes (tapering at the top of the load) or the film varies, the machine will sense the effect of these changes and adjust itself on the fly to provide consistent force.

Heat Bar

Typically, hot wires are the mechanism used to cut film, however hot wires can be the single most costly item for maintenance and machine downtime. In order to eliminate any formation of long film tails, Best Packaging has implemented an optional hot bar to its SPYDR Stretch Wrap System. The hot bar wipes down any excess film to the pallet therefore eliminating downtime and ensuring a more reliable cut. Your maintenance team will thank you!