Palletized Strappers


Palletized strappers attach plastic strapping to the load to improve bundling and avoid having individual pieces collapse apart from the pallet. Pallet strap machines are designed to hold the load at the pallet base to avoid any movement of the load during transportation and storage. Typically, strapping produces less waste by volume than stretch wrap. 

Best Application:

Palletized strapping systems are ideal for bundling pallets of 
lumber, heavy packages, bricks, tiles, and cartons.

Types of Pallet Strappers

Side-Seal Pallet
Strapper / Bander

  • Stationary or moveable strap head mounted on the side of the unit.
  • Designed to keep the side-mounted strap head away from debris.
  • Ideal for applications experiencing a large amount of dust, debris, or moisture.
  • Can either be a standalone solution or be integrated with a conveyor system.

Horizontal-Seal Pallet
Strapper / Bander

  • Straps horizontally palletized loads of different sizes and heights in a static position.
  • Can either be a standalone solution or be integrated with a conveyor system.

Top-Seal Pallet
Strapper / Bander

  • Strap head mounted on top of the unit.
  • Ideal for a wide range of package heights, down to 10 in. high
  • Can either be a standalone solution or integrated with a conveyor system
  • May contain a compression head or just plain strap head.

Semi-Automatic Pallet Strapper / Bander

  • Semi-automatic banding machines rely partially on the assistance of an operator and are generally useful for lower volume strapping applications.
  • Ideal for situations where you need to easily strap a moderate number of items, but don’t have the massive volume that would justify a fully automatic system.
  • Reduces floor space.

Bottom-Seal Pallet
Strapper / Bander

  • Ideal for applications that require the package height to be fairly low or may vary in height.
  • Typically are less expensive than top seal machines.
  • Can either be a stand-alone solution or be integrated with a conveyor system.

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