Case Formers / Case Sealers


Case forming machines automatically fold the cardboard flaps to construct or erect individual corrugated cases. Case formers can be integrated with case sealers to automatically seal loads after assembly and cycle them through the line for increased output and efficiency.

Ideal Application:

Case erecting machines are ideal if you’re assembling as few as 200 cases per day. If you are experiencing problems when preparing your pallet for shipment, such as damage to your product, case erectors are an effective solution. They can improve the cost and quality of case handling.

Types of Case Erectors

Semi-Automatic Case Erectors

Fully-Automatic Case Erectors

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Case Sealers


Case Sealers fasten the flaps of boxes, securing it either with tape or hot melt glue. Case Sealers typically contain centering side-rails that reduce the chance of taping mishaps. Case Sealers also deposit a consistent amount of adhesive on each box, keeping the cost of materials low. Case Sealers  are offered for both uniform and random (adjustable) applications.

Ideal Application:

Case Sealers are the ideal choice for companies currently hand taping up cases but wishing to automate to achieve higher speeds at a practical cost.

Types of Case Sealers

Hot Melt Glue Case Sealer

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