Vestil Manual Carriage Stretch Wrapper


Vestil Stretch Wrap Machine W/Manual Stretch Wrap Film Mast, SWA-48, 4000 Lb Capacity

Step up productivity with this highly efficient, easy-to-operate stretch wrap machine. Features a 48″ diameter powered turntable with 4000 lb. capacity and counterbalanced Manually operated stretch film mast. Depress the wired remote foot pedal to rotate the load while manually positioning the stretch wrap. Powered by a 115V, 1/2 HP motor with soft start/stop and variable speed control. 

Maximum Load Diameter 62″; Minimum Roll Width 10″, Maximum Roll Width 20″. Detachable film mast for easy storage. Ergonomic foot pedal control; variable speed motor. Variable tension control. Cushion start, cushion stop.

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