LANTECH SW1000 Intermittent Motion, Belted Infeed Side-Seal Shrink Wrapper


The Lantech SW1000 has a separate cut and seal process that eliminates film build-up. No cleaning required. The positive cut and seal process is ideal for polyolefin, PVC and LDPE films. It handles infinite product lengths and wide temperature and speed ranges. It offers a one-step temperature set-up with no pressure, dwell, or angle adjustments needed. Produce up to 40 packages per minute.

Product Size
          Minimum: 3” / 76 mm 
          Maximum: Unlimited
          Minimum: 1” / 25 mm 
          Maximum: 15” / 381 mm
          Minimum: 1/8” /3 mm
          Maximum: 8” / 203 mm

Film Width (Centerfolded): 6” – 24” / 152 mm – 610 mm

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