Lantech Q-300 with Extended Mast Height

Our best selling refurbished stretch wrapper is now available with more options! The Q-300 remains a very popular design due to its…

  • Intuitive, user friendly controls which require little to no training
  • Versatile application on loads that are heavy, fragile, tall, etc
  • Safety conscience design. No pinch points or trip hazards. All motors and wires are completely enclosed.

This particular Q-300 is specially equipped with an extended mast height and ramp leading up to the turntable. These add-ons, design and produced by the machine’s manufacturer not only allow for a taller (110”) wrap height, they also ensure loads with a high center of gravity can safely be pulled on and off the turntable without risk of tipping.

Load Size
Maximum Load Weight: 4,000 lbs.
Maximum Load Wrap Height: 110″ / 2794 mm
Maximum Load Diagonal: 72”/ 1,828 mm

Machine Dimensions
Length: 119”/ 3,023 mm
Width: 67” /1,702 mm
Height: 92” / 2,337 mm

Optional Ramp Available

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