Fully-Automatic Case Erectors


Fully-automatic case erecting machines maintain the flow of cases within a line which allows less room for error as the cases are delivered in the same position that they will be packed.

Ideal Application:

Fully-automatic case erectors are used in conjunction with the rest of the packaging line to automatically cycle loads through the line. This increases output and efficiency.

Types of Fully-Automatic Case Erectors

Vacuum Suction Cup System

Case erector that forms the case using a vacuum suction cup system. The suction cups hold the position in place while the corners are formed.

Pin & Dome System

This case erector forms a case using a “pin and dome” system. The pin and dome system uses two steel pins that operate together with a steel dome. The dome injects pins into the flutes of the minor and major panel while a hinged plate grabs the outer panel to open the box. It can erect cases whether they are dusty, wet or have irregular surfaces.

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