Conveyors play an important part in the packaging line. Conveyor units are very vital in a business so as to effectively increase its manufacturing in a well-organized manner, as it’s considered to even be the lifeline of the plant.

Correct maintenance is also very significant to ensure the system is always in tip-top performance.  Part of its maintenance plan will incorporate frequent supervision of the device’s motors, inspection, correct training of maintenance staff and availability of major parts.

Best Packaging recently restored a 20-year old conveyor line to like-new condition by adding all new rollers, belts, pulleys, and hardware.  Had this conveyor shut down, the plant would’ve bottlenecked as this is the only conveyor out of production and into the stretch wrapper.  There is a tremendous loss of production and a great need for temporary workers to handle pallet movements and stretch wrapping anytime this goes down. Like packaging equipment, these items should be periodically maintained to extend the life of your conveyor before an overhaul is needed and downtime is required.

If you haven’t evaluated or maintained your conveyor line in a while, make an appointment for our trained technicians at 888-930-BEST to do a multi-point inspection and report.

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