“Clamp” Out Your Competitors

Wrap two, three or four pallets simultaneously with Best Packaging’s SPYDR Stretch Wrap system. These fully automatic rotary tower stretch wrappers feature unique advantages that set us apart from other solutions.

Often overlooked, film clamps play an important role in achieving successfully wrapped pallets. Most operators that come across failed loads attempt to resolve the issue by decreasing the amount of containment force or adding more film layers. However, doing so could be contributing to higher costs, as the source of the problem may actually be due to defects in the film clamp.

To fit this unique need, Best Packaging has implemented the largest clamp in the industry on its patented SPYDR Stretch Wrap system. Upgrading to a larger clamp allows the machine to hold more film in the clamp and gives you the flexibility to use films of a variety of thicknesses to meet your customer’s needs. You won’t be limited to only using film that works with your clamps. The SPYDR Stretch Wrapper also has an option to turn off pre-stretch to generate thicker film. The ability to hold thicker film dramatically reduces the chance of film tearing at the clamps when the machine starts.  Resetting a tear can cost valuable time, which is why Best Packaging has been proactive in creating a larger clamp that can hold thick film securely for automatic operation. The more film you can hold the better!

Not only is it important to have a larger clamp to hold film, but what happens when the clamp had to go down to release film? Often times, the film is torn when the clamp goes down. As a result, Best Packaging has added a tilting clap feature with Teflon coated blades that tilt towards to load to  avoid film breakage. Our tilting clamp is another component that guarantees up-time and a professionally wrapped load.  

If you’re looking to reduce the amount of film breaks and increase the quality of your stretch wrapping, check out the clamp on our SPYDR Stretch Wrap system. For more information on the SPYDR Stretch Wrapper, visit  our website at or call us at (888) 930 BEST

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