Signode LBX-2330 Automatic Strapping System


The LBX-2330 Series plastic strapping machines provide the highest available speed,most reliable performance and lowest maintenance operation of any general-duty strapping machine on the market today. With timesaving features and 40% fewer parts, the LBX-2330 Series simplifies operation and maintenance to save you time and money.

Cycle Rate: 

  • Up to 70 straps per minute

Max Package Weight:

  • 100lbs on machine or conveyor


  • 5mm or 6mm polypropylene strapping

Strap Tension:

  • Adjustable from 2lbs to 60lbs

Electrical Requirements:

  • 208 volt, 60 Hz, FLA 5.2 amp
  • 230 volt, 60Hz, FLA 4.7 amp
  • 460 volt, 60 Hz,FLA 4.6 amp
  • 575 volt, 60Hz, FLA 2.0 amp

Shipping Weight:

  • 600lbs