Make Innovation Your Best Friend

In the packaging industry, the only way to thrive is to innovate. With one patent approved for a pallet parking system and a patent pending for a SPYDR multi-wrapper system, the Best Packaging team continues to challenge ourselves to come up with new and different ways of doing things. For instance, the idea of the SPYDR stretch wrapping system was created when Best Packaging was called to service a grocery distribution customer looking to streamline their processes. With this wrapping system, you can simultaneously wrap up to four pallets at once with an automatic rotary tower. The multi-wrapper also features hydro stretch, a large tilting clamp, and much more. As you can see, it is our mission to constantly improve on things that we already do, and offer only the Best solutions to our customers. For more information on the SPYDR multi-wrapping system, give us a call at (888) 930 BEST.


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