About Us



Objective evaluations and return on investment analysis, along with innovative designs and technologies ensure that your business improves packaging, material handling and supply chain performance.  


Our sales force and service technicians provide services that address and respond to each customer’s unique needs…your problems demand the Best solutions.  A relationship with Best Packaging gives our customers access to highly trained engineers, a vast product line, design services and total system installation capabilities. 


Customer satisfaction is our driving force.  Best Packaging is a leader in innovative designs and can customize equipment to fit your needs.  Our service department is second to none and will work with your team to ensure that your equipment is running efficiently.  We do not only work to address problems, we strive to eliminate them.


When I opened the doors of Best Packaging, I had been in the packaging industry for 7 years. In that time, I noticed there were a lot of missed opportunities for customers. Packaging distributors oftentimes invited and relied on manufacturers to visit their customers and recommend solutions. The result was usually a conflict of interest for the customer. Frequently a particular manufacturer recommended a solution that fit into their business model, but it was not the “Best” solution for the customer’s needs. My vision was different.

What happened if I could create a company that did not rely on manufacturers for solutions? Could I help customers become more efficient by matching the Best system with customer needs? How would we fill the gaps where no good solution existed? We needed a staff that understood packaging equipment, the manufacturers, their strengths as well as their weaknesses. We had to be competent in both mechanical and electrical integration. No longer could we rely on a manufacturer to recommend a solution. We had to recommend the Best solution.

Fast forward to today and we are well on our way. We have assembled a group that can design, integrate and install some of the most complex packaging lines. Our ability to recognize efficiencies for customers has resulted in Innovative Solutions not conceived by many manufacturers. Many customers rely on us to maintain, repair and upgrade their equipment. Our analysis of machinery and supplies has resulted in millions of dollars saved. And we are not done yet! We are in process of developing methods to monitor existing equipment and film usage remotely, no matter it’s age. We want to make sure your process stays efficient and that we can monitor trends. We want to be proactive about maintaining your equipment. With one patent approved for a pallet parking system and one patent pending for the SPYDR multi-wrapper system, Best Packaging aims to continue to innovate and offer the Best solutions to our customers. 

– Steve Kudia, President